Palm oil press

Palm oil mill process

crude palm oil
Crude palm oil
Palm oil mill process is quite different from other oil seeds processing. Palm oil mill process includes 6 parts: Palm fruits receiving, stPerilizing, threshing, digesting and pressing, crude oil clarifying and palm kernel recovery.Our palm oil mill process is low cost and energe-saving.
Production capacity:1-120TPH
Work flow of palm oil mill process:

Palm oil mill process
Palm oil mill process workflow
1. Raw material reception: as for the first step of palm oil mill process,collecting the FFB and convey by trucks, then pour the fluster into the discharge door after weighed.
2. Sterilization: FFB are airtight sterilized in sterilizer of palm oil mill process,  the purpose is to prevent enzymes broken down, avoiding FFA content in oil further increase.
3.Threshing: the purpose of threshing in the palm oil mill process is to separate the palm fruit from the FFB. The drum type thresher is the usual machine to separate the fruit.
4. Digesting and pressing: the purpose of digesting in the palm oil mill process is to separate the pulp and nut and crush the palm pulp.  Then it is sent to continuous screw press. After pressing of palm oil mill process, oil palm fruit is divided into two parts: the mixture of oil, water and solid impurities, and the press cake (fiber and nut).
5. Oil clarification: as for the oil clarification of palm oil mill process,oil is clarified by the vibrate screen.
6.Kernel recovery: as for the last step of palm oil mill process, The separated fiber material is sent to the boiler room as fuel; the separated kernel is transported to kernel warehouse by pneumatic conveying system for temporary storage.
palm oil mill process
Small scale palm oil mill process machinery

We will choose the palm oil mill process according to the different requirements of different customers. Both technical and economic effects are taken into account while plan the palm oil mill process, so that to build the best palm oil mill plant, Henan Doing Company is your best choice.After processed through the palm oil mill process,the crude palm oil can be sold or deeply processed.


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