What aspects does influence palm oil processing plant cost ?

What aspects does influence palm oil processing plant cost ?
Our company is specialized in palm oil processing plant, edible oil plant,etc.
For most of customers, machine cost or price is one of most concerned aspect.
When you want to know palm oil processing plant cost, do you know what does incluence cost?

palm oil processing machine
The aspects of influencing palm oil processing machine cost

There are many aspects influences machine costs, like, capacity, processing technology, machine quality, or machine material, etc
1> Capacity. Different capacity machine has different costs. For example, 3tph palm oil processing plant cost is higher 1tph,2tph plant. Of course, on the condition of same machine quality, machine material etc.

2> Processing technology. Many of customers maybe not understand technology, while this point is also important. The perfect and complex processing technology plant costs is higher than simple processing technology.

3> Machine quality. This point can directly influence palm oil processing plant cost, because for same machine, some professional manufacturer use very thick steel plate to manufacture machine, while some just use very thin steel plate.

4> Machine material. Usually most of plant are made of carbon steel, while some customers ask to use stainless steel. And stainless steel palm oil processing cost is higher than carbon steel palm oil processing plant.

The aboves just quite important aspects, also other aspects can influence palm oil processing plant cost. So when you buy or choose machine, please consider or compare machine from multiple perspectives. Just do a rational business man, then will have a perfect oil factory.


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