Palm oil refinery

Intermittent palm oil refining equipment

Edible oil refinery can remove the phospholipid, FFA, pigment, peculiar smell and other impurities in the crude oil, it includes degumming, deacidification, bleaching , deodorization, dewaxing . Our company can provide best palm oil refionery technical skill and equipment for you (1t/d - 600t/d), and we also can flexible adopt physical refinery or chemical refinery according to different crude oil products, let the refined oil with best quality and price.

palm oil refining machine
Palm oil refining machine
vibrate filter
Vibrate filter

This intermittent palm oil refining equipment adopt chemical way to refine crude oil to first-grade edible can refine groundnut oil,sunflower oil,rice bran oil,soybean oil,palm oil,palm kernel oil etc all kinds of vegetable oil

There are three main steps of intermittent palm oil refining equipment:
    1.Degumming&deacidification of intermittent palm oil refining equipment:add phosphoric acid,hot water,alkali to remove the acid and gum from crud oil.
    2.Decolorization of intermittent palm oil refining equipment:add white clay to remove the bad color from oil,then you will get light yellow oil
    3.Deodorization of intermittent palm oil refining equipment:use high-temperature steam to remove the odor and acid from oil,you will get first-grade edible oil.

Advantages of our intermittent palm oil refining equipment:
    1.Energy saving:no need steam boiler,we invent thermal oil furnace combined with a steam generator.this save much cost on machine,and save much steam
    2.Use vibrate filter to filtering the decolorized oil,this vibrate filter is better than plate filter,because it works continuous and no need manually operate.
    3.When deodorization,we pump super-heated steam to the deodorization tank,to remove the odor,fatty acid,unhealth items very well


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