Palm kernel oil refinery

Palm kernel oil refining and filling plant

When get the palm kernel, we crack the palm kernel and cook the palm kernel, by using the palm kernel oil press machine, we get the crude palm kernel oil(CPKO), and if you want to get high quality palm kernel oil, the palm kernel oil refining line is necessary. For after refining, you can get the RPKO, the RPKO oil means, the oil is de-gummed, de-acidificated, de-colorizated, de-odorized, which is to the edible level.

palm kernel oil pressing machine
Palm kernel oil pressing machine

palm kernel oil refining machine
Palm kernel oil refining machine

While, if you want to get palm kernel oil stearin and olein from palm kernel oil, the fractionation plant is required. For after the palm kernel is fractionationed, you can get:
RBD (Palm)Olein is used for edible oil,frying oil.
RBD (Palm) Stearin is used for shortening oil, pastry, butter, soap and chemical product.

palm kernel oil olein by products
Palm kernel oil olein by products

After you get the Olein, you can use the oil filling plant to bottle oil, then you can transport the oil to market for sell.

oil filling machine
Cooking oil filling machine

refined palm kernle oil
Ready end products
This  is the brief introduction of the palm kernel oil refining and filling plant, if you want to know more details, just contact with our company, tks!


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