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Palm kernel oil refinery

Different typs of crude palm kernel oil refinery plant

Edible oil refinery machinery introduction:oil refining is a way to get rid of the harmful impurities and needless substance in the crude oil, aims at improving the oil storage stability,flavor and color.then get standard edible oil or provides qualified material for deep processing.

palm kernel oil refinery workshop
Crude palm kernel oil refinery plant workshop

Crude palm kernel oil refinery plant workflow
Crude palm kernel oil →Degumming → Deacidification  → Decolorization →Deodorization → (Winterization/Fractionation) → Standard palm kernel oil

palm kernel oil refining process
Palm kernel oil refinery plant process


Different typs of palm kernel oil refinery plant:
Mainly there are two methods of refining:chemical method and physical method.different demand we can devide the palm kernel oil refinery plant into three types:batch type,semi-continuous type,fully-continuous type.          

pallm kernel oil refinery plant

Different types of  crude palm kernel oil refinery plant

Batch type palm kernel oil refinery plant :the process is to refine the oil batch by batch,suitable for small capacity like 1-2-3-5-10TPD.

Semi-continuous type palm kernel oil refinery plant:part of the refinery plant is batch type and left part is continuous type.this is cost-effective and save labor.suitable for medium capacity like 10-30TPD

Continuous type palm kernel oil refinery plant:the whole refinery process is fully continuous,no need much human operating.suitable for big capacity above 30TPD



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