Palm oil fractionation plant

Palm oil contains each half of saturated fatty acid and unsaturated, which gives palm oil better stability. Thus, palm oil could be used as frying oil. The reasonable utilization of palm oil is to fractionation it to different kinds of product.

Refined palm oil should go through fractionation process to separate solid phases (Stearine) and liquid phases (Olein). It is achieved by thermo-mechanical means. Palm oil fractionation plant can greatly maximize the value of products.
palm oil fractionation plant
Palm oil fractionation process

Palm oil fractionation plant, theory:
Palm oil fractionation means to control cooling crystallization process to separate palm oil to 3 parts: palm stearin, palm olien and palm midfraction. The melting point of stearin is 50℃,and olein 24℃. Stearin is suitable to make margarine and cheese oil, and olein is an excellent frying oil. The melting point of midfraction is narrow and close to body temperature, which can be used as cocoa butter substitute.
There’re 3 methods to fractionation palm oil: dry fractionation, solvent fractionation and surfactant fractionation. Following is a brief introduction by Henan Doing Mechanical Equipment Co., Ltd.
Dry fractionation is the most economic method to fractionation, which means to cool the melting palm oil to definite degree, filter and separate the crystal. There’re 3parts of fractionation: calefaction, cooling crystallization and filtration. First fractionation is always necessary, but for some industries (candy, etc), second fractionation is also needed.
Dry fractionation has a wide prospect, because of its simple technology, high automaticity, low steam consumption, good quality of product, without centrifugal separation, solvent or effluent.
Above is a brief introduction about palm oil fractionation plant by Henan Doing Mechanical Equipment Co., Ltd. If you still have any questions about palm oil fractionation plant, please contact us.

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