Oil extraction machine

Today, most of the oil extraction is done by the oil expellers or direct press extraction. Oil extraction machine is used for the high oil content seeds such as groundnut,sesame, soyabean, rapeseed, castor seeds, cottonseed etc.
oil seeds
The above oil seeds can be processed by oil extraction  machine

We manufacture and export oil extraction machine for expelling and extraction of oil from various edible and non-edible oil seeds. Our oil extraction machine is available in various different capacities from 3 tons per day to 1000 tons per day ranging from small scale to large scale.
Various oil extraction machine include:
oil extraction machine
Various oil extraction machine for extracting edible oil form oil seeds

> Groundnut Oil Extraction Machine       > Sunflower Oil Extraction  Machine
> Cottonseed Oil Extraction  Machine     > Soyabean Oil Extraction  Machine
> Mustard Oil Extraction  Machine          > Rapeseed Oil Extraction  Machine
> Sesame Oil Extraction  Machine           > Corn Oil Extraction  Machine

Our range of oil extraction machine is used for extraction of edible oil from the oilseeds. There are various methods that can be used in the extraction of oil from oilseeds but this depends on the type of oil that has been used in the process. The oil extraction machine has been made using high quality raw materials and it is manufactured as per the latest technology. Only tell your raw materials and day capacity,we will recomend suitable oil extraction machine for you.

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