Palm oil press

Batch type palm oil pressing system

Palm oil pressing batch system loads boiled palm fruit and output crude palm oil to clarification equipment.
Vertical digester with a perforated bottom plate pound batch of palm fruit, and then flush out the oil and other non-oil solids from the pounded pulp with hot water. Palm oil screw press is designed to pound batch of boiled palm fruit at beginning while inflicting pressure on pounded pulp in another section to get palm oil.

screw palm oil press machine
Screw palm oil press machine

The advantage of palm oil pressing batch system is that it completely leaches all oil and non-oily solids with simple operation, which can be carried by fluid stream out of the digested mash to give clean and separated nuts and fibre. The aqueous effluent from vertical digester goes directly to the clarification stage. The amount of water needed to flush the pulp normally equals to the amount to dilut the viscous oil coming from the mechanical press in preparation for clarification. An inexperienced operator may use too much hot water to leach oil and thus cost unnecessary wood as fuel.

The oil yeild of palm oil pressing batch system is severely reduced when flushing water is cold. In digesting, water and oil will form an oil/water emulsion that is difficult to separate from fibre mass. Emulsified oil loss with the fibre would be substantial without care to ensure full loading of the digester. Vertical flushing digesters, requiring loading and discharging of a specific amount, can thus only be used in palm oil pressing batch system.


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