Palm oil press

Dry type palm oil mill process

Palm oil is an important and versatile vegetable oil which is used as a raw material for both food and non-food industries.and it is the second consumption of vegetable oil in the world.
But the traditional palm oil mill to produce palm oil from oil palm trees is high energy needs much steam and electricity,and the cost of plant is high also.that is why we invent this new dry type palm oil mill.
Here is the introduction of whole dry type palm oil mill process:

1Thresher:dry type palm oil mill will use special thresher to threshing first,then sterilizer.we adopt new type palm oil thresher,so it can remove fruit from palm fruit bunches without sterilizer.
2.Drying:dry type palm oil mill use hot air to dry the palm fruit, same function as the sterilizing in tradition one.But no steam waste.
3.Barker and pressing :dry type palm oil mill uses barker to separate palm pulp from palm nut, and then press the pulp separately, which will be better for the machine, and high oil yield.
4.Oil clarification:dry type palm oil mill use same oil clarification system with the traditional type,to remove the impurities from crude palm oil.

palm oil mill
Palm fruit oil presser of dry type palm oil mill process

Advantages of dry type palm oil mill process:
A: No steam sterilizing, less consumption, save energy;
B: No sewage, no waste water treatment; Less space, less cost;
C: Empty bunches or kernel to burn. fuel use of all materials during production.
D:Whole palm oil mill takes smaller place than traditional method;
E:Generate electricity by the system itself, solve electricity problem.(according to customer’s demand)
F:Remove palm nut first then press,good for machine.and low cost.
If you want to build a palm oil mill factory with a low cost and energy consumption,this new technology dry type palm oil mill will be best for you!

palm oil mill
Dryer of dry type palm oil mill plant

palm oil mill
Presser of dry type palm oil mill plant


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