Palm kernel oil expeller

5tpd palm kernel oil processing project

Palm kernel(without shell) oil content rate is around 50%, the oil residue rate will be 5-6%, so you can get around 44% oil. So seen from the above, if you want to process a 5t/day palm kernel oil project, you can get around more than 2t/day crude palm kernel oil.

oil content rate
Palm oil and palm kernel oil content rate

For the whole 5tpd palm kernel oil processing project, there are the below main machines:
Palm kernel cracker: to separate the palm kernel with shell.

palm kernel cracker
Palm kernel cracker

Palm kernel cooker: to adjust the moisture and temperature of the palm kernel.

palm kernel cooker
Palm kernel cooker

Palm kernel presser: use the special design palm kernel oil presser to get more oil.

palm kernel oil presser
Palm kernel oil presser

Palm kernel oil clarification part: to remove the impurities from the crude palm kernel oil.

palm kernel oil clarification
Palm kernel oil clarification

After get the crude palm kernel oil, we also have the palm kernel oil refining line for customer use.
And the palm kernel oil refining line, can not only refine the palm kernel, but also can refine the palm oil, peanut oil, soybean oil, sunflower oil, and other crude edible oil.

palm kernel oil refinery
Palm kernel oil refinery machine


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