Palm kernel oil mill machine manufacturers in China

palm kernel oil mill machine
Palm kernel oil mill

Usually as to big palm oil mill, after processing palm fruit and get crude palm oil.  They get much palm kernel with shell and fiber.  Some people sell palm kernel to palm kernel oil mill plant. Some start a palm kernel oil mill to process palm kernel with fiber, finally can get palm kernel oil.  The following is palm kernel processing process:

palm kernel oil processing flow
Palm kernel oil processing flow


Main process in palm kernel oil mill machine:

We are leading suppliers and exporters of Palm Kernel Oil Mill Machine. The complete array of machines and equipments give excellent crushing efficiency. The palm kernel oil mill machine will include the palm kernel cracking and separating machine which is a part of palm kernel oil extraction section. The palm kernels are conditioned and cooked properly so that they are ready for easy crushing. The palm kernel oil is obtained as the final output. The crude palm kernel oil filter press will filter and make the oil clean and clear. The kernel oil can be then packed in bottles of 1 liter or 2 liters as per the need. The detail processes are as follows:

◆Palm nut polishing machine : It is used for removing the iron impurities, stone, fiber and others. These impurities are bad for palm kernel oil mill machine, especial for the palm kernel oil expeller.

palm nut polishing machine
Palm nut polishing machine

Palm kernel crushing:because the palm kernel is hard and big size, it is required to crash to smaller and even pieces. If once crashing can not reach the requirements, the second crashing is required. Crush palm kernels after softening and drying. The centrifugal crusher breaks nuts and separate palm kernel out completely.
Palm kernel and nuts shell separation. Both dry and wet separations are available in palm kernel oil mill machine. Wet separation is mostly used in palm kernel separation, on basis of difference of relative density of palm kernel and shell.In order to meet the needs of more users,we developed the palm kernel cracaking and separating machine with small capacity.
Palm kernel drying. Fresh kernel contains 20% moisture. Palm kernel has no mildew during transportation and storage while moisture drops below 7%.
Cooking section: It is used for heating and cooking the crashing materials, to make is suitable for pressing of palm kernel oil mill machine, doing like this can help final user get the maximum oil and good quality cakes.
Palm kernel oil pressing. Palm kernel oil mill machine is simple with usual oilseeds. The pre-pressing by oil pressing machine can obtain 1/4 palm kernel oil, and residual oil need twice pressing.

palm kernel oil pressing machine
Palm kernel oil pressing machine ( palm kernel oil expeller )

Palm nut oil filtering section: after pressing, there are some oil dregs in the crude oil, after clarifying, we need to filter the crude oil to avoid to jam the oil pipes during refining processes.

crude palm kernel oil filter machine
Crude palm kernel oil filter machine

We can offer 5-10-15-30-45-60TPD palm kernel oil mill machine. Please have free to contact me if you are interested in our palm kernel oil processing machine.  In addition, we can also offer palm oil mill with 1-2-5-10-15-30-45-60-120TPH.  Welcome consulting!

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