Why more people choose to start a mini palm oil mill in Nigeria?

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Nigeria currently consumes 2.4 million MT of edible oil, but domestically produces only about 1.4 million MT, most of which is palm oil (1 million MT). Because of this huge deficit, there are huge opportunities for making huge profits from the production and sale of edible oil in Nigeria.

red palm oil in Nigeria
Palm oil is in great demand in Nigeria

Why more people choose to start a mini palm oil mill in Nigeria?
Typically equipments used in large scale palm oil mills include sterilizing machine, threshing machine, digesting & pressing machine and screw conveyors with input ranging from 1-120 tph. The investment and space required more. But  small scale palm oil mill plant maybe only need a  small scale palm oil press machine, or a small palm oil production line. Our specially designed palm oil press machine is suitable for Small Scale Commercial/Home Use which is easy to operate, install commission and maintain.
In a word, The mini palm oil mill needs very little investment but high returns! It is really your ideal choice to start your vegetable oil production business.

Mini palm oil press machine introduction :
Mini palm oil press machine also named samll scale palm oil expeller which can process palm fruit 300-500kg/h. The mini palm oil press machine is quite compact and easy to operate, suitable for home use and mini palm oil mill.
mini palm oil press machine
Mini palm oil press machine can be driven by motor or diesel engine
Outstanding features of mini pam oil press machine:
1. Mini palm oil press machien is mainly used to extrudet palm fruit oil;
2.Designed and manufactured by our company institute department
3.It’s good for small scale farm, small palm oil factory, home using,
4.Easy operation, easy move, easy change place
5.Driven by motor or diesel engine
6.Popular in Africa, South Africa, America, South America,Cameroon,Thiland,Ghana,Nigeria,etc.

Small scale palm oil production line introduction:

palm oil production line
Small palm oil production line

The latested palm oil production line with capacity 1-5tph. The whole palm oil production line consists of many single palm oil machine, such as, sterilizer , thresher, digester & presser , crude palm oil clarification machine and so on. This is just a brief introduction of small scale palm oil production line.  If u want to know more information about palm oil production machine, Welcome to get in touch with us http://www.palmoilextractionmachine.com/Contact_us/. we are always at your service!

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