Oil Palm & The Environment

Date:2018-08-30/ Industry news/ Chat Online
The development of oil palm in Malaysia has been remarkable.
Starting off ornamentally, the crop has developed into a multibillion ringgit industry. In Africa, where the plant originally existed wildly in the groves and various constraints were faced in the efforts towards domestication. It is in Malaysia that much of the plant's full potential has been exploited. This transformation from the wild to domesticated, where it is grown in neat rows in well-managed plantations, has not been without cost. A lot efforts have gone into understanding this 'new'plant, which means fitting it to its new home.
During the development of this plant, more has been learnt about its interaction with the environment. Success in development of plantations has led to a new challenge technically.
Again, being the pioneer, Malaysia has had to take the lead of this new endeavour. Technologies both upstream and downstream, including those related to the environment were developed and were continually improved.

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