Palm oil press

Palm fruit bunches crushing machine

The palm is a kind of important oil crops and Palm oil production is an important industry in Southeast Asia and South America. Empty fruit bunches become a kind of waste after the palm fruit separate from bunches. More than one thousand tons of EFB are produced.

Currently, most of the palm fruit bunches are discarded directly into the palm garden as fertilizer,the other can be used as fuel,but burning will bring great environmental pollution. At the same time it is also a waste of resource.

The fiber of empty palm fruit bunches

Recent studies have shown that EFB contains abundant vascular bundle which is very flexible and low density. So the EFB can be used for making paper.We offer palm fruit bunches crushing machine for you to handle palm empty fruit bunches. This equipment uses double roller mesh shear and meshing blade with special shape to achieve the effect of crushing.

Empty palm fruit bunches crushing machine

Empty fruit bunches crushing machine is the ideal machine of palm bunches processing plant.It makes full use of waste resources--Empty palm fruit bunches,greatly increase the added value, and has made a positive contribution to the world environmental protection. The product has been widely used in Southeast Asia and South America, and the market demand is very big.
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